Friday, April 15, 2005

A study by Rinck

White to play and win. (Henri Rinck, "Las Noticias" 1926).

I haven't had time yet to do the first pass at analyzing my games from last weekend. In the meantime, here's a simple but funny study from the little book of Rinck's compositions I'm currently carrying around.

Don't read the next paragraph if you want to try solving it yourself.

Solution: 1. Kb8 Bd7 (1...Ba6 hangs the Bishop; 1...Be6 loses it to 2. Nd4+) 2. Kc7 Be8 (Others lose the Bishop to a variety of discovered checks.) 3. Kd8 Bf7 (Again, other squares lose the Bishop to a Knight move discovering check.) 4. Ke7 (Inspector Javert continues his pursuit.) Bg8 5. Kf8 Bh7 6. Kg7 (Curtains. The King has outrun the Bishop on an open board.)

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