Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Just for the record

Here are the games from my June tournament. I'm afraid I still can't write coherently about them. I did notice that, with my win against Cencetti, I now have a lifetime even record against Experts.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

FIDE Rating history

While looking for something else entirely, I stumbled on a site with FIDE ratings going back to 1990, which is a lot further back than FIDE's own website gies. Warning: the site likes to open a lot of popup ads.

I played last weekend at the Marshall with, um, mixed results. I won a very nice game against an Expert, and had a winning position against a Master in the last round. I misplayed it horribly and topped it off by not only dropping the Exchange, but getting angry and resigning in a drawn position. What can I say? I'm an ill-tempered nitwit. I'll post the games when I can stand to put them in my database.

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