Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Quick update

I played last weekend in the monthly open at the Marshall Chess Club with indifferent results; drew one Class A player, beat another, lost to an IM.

The draw was my first Sicilian with Black in twenty or so years (over the board, anyway), and my lack of experience with the line showed. Under pressure, I deliberately went in for unfavorable complications, and was lucky that he didn't find a winning path.

The win came when my young opponent, who had played well to neutralize pressure on his queenside in an English, decided that he could get more than an even endgame.

The loss was as Black in a Dutch Stonewall. I had a slightly inferior position and mis-evaluated the endgame resulting from a forced tactical sequence.

No huge tactical errors, but I found other ways to suffer. 8) I'll post analysis over the coming weeks.

I am inviting you to the forum of the knights as blogged by J'adoube. You have to give him your mail add though. So please contact him if you are interested. =>
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