Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Return of the lazy man

Here, finally, is a game from the tournament I mentioned in the last post. This is a draw against a fairly strong master, after a poorly-played opening on my part. I'm happy that I was able to hold on and play decently, since often after misplaying the opening I get discontented and lash out in an attempt at getting counterplay.

After this tournament, I played another two weeks later, with indifferent results. I should post a game or two more before my next tournament (early October). In November is the Marshall Fall Futurity, which is my favorite tournmant of the year.

Nice result against a strong opponent. What is it that you like about the Marshall Fall Futurity? Not being from the NY area, I don't know this event and what sets it apart.
The Futurity is an international Swiss run every year at the Marshall Chess Club in New York. It has a modest entry fee, prizes are set just high enough to entice some of the local titled players to play.

It's called a Futurity because it's aim is to get more local players FIDE-rated experience. Since there isn't a huge amount of money at stake, pairings can be rearranged a little to get more FIDE-ratable performances and to enhance norm possibilites.

I like it becuase it gives me 9 games against at a slow time-control, against pretty good opposition, with a chance at having several FIDE-rated games in one tournament (although now that I have a FIDE rating, I'm one of the guys who gets his pairings rearranged to face unrateds).

It's my home tournament, and I regard the rest of my tournament
calendar as preparation for it.
Nice to see you back. Good showing against a strong opponent, its kind of ironic that he took issue with so many of your moves.
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