Friday, November 11, 2005

Accidental Experiment

Between my continuing advetures at work--we're releasing a cool new product the week after Thanksgiving--and my complete hypnosis by The Chess Tactics Server (CTS), I haven't done much analysis of my games, or any other chess work, in about two months.

What I have done, is about seven thousand problems at CTS. I can get in 50 to 100 at lunch time, and every time I sit down at the computer in the evening intending to analyse games or work on openings, I start by "warming up" with a few problems--and 200 problems later, it's time for bed.

This weekend and next is the Marshall Chess Club Fall Futurity. I'm intending to play 7 of the 9 rounds (taking byes Sunday evenings). Considering I've done no preparation at all, I've stumbled into an experiment about the use of tactical problems as training: if I play well it will be evidence that tactical training is very helpful even for a relatively high-rated player--de la Maza fans rejoice! If I play badly, it will be evidence of, er, something else.

Here's a game I played back in August, where I got positionally crushed by IM Jay Bonin. It's the last game I did any work on before CTS ate my brain.

It sort of looked to me that maybe you should not have done the kingside pawn storm. You pawn structure and piece distribution appeared to be ready for central and queenside action before you launched the pawn storm.
Hope you do well in your tourney, and prove CTS is paying off!
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