Saturday, February 25, 2006

Finally, I post a game!

As I mentioned before, I'm trying to do my first analysis of my games without a computer now, and it's been taking a while. I have analysis for my two losses in the Marshall Championship in my notebook, and today I put my loss to IM Jay Bonin into my database and checked it with Crafty.

The results were pretty dismaying--I missed a lot of tactics even in my analysis. On the other hand, Crafty confirmed some of my intuitive impressions (which I thought my analysis had proven wrong).

Anyway, here's the Bonin game for your viewing pleasure. Comments welcome, as always.

I hope to have analysis of my other loss from the Championship up by the end of the weekend, and at least light notes for the games from my last tournament sometime this week. I'm playing again next weekend, deus volent, so I'll be falling further behind after that.

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