Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Just for the record

Here are the games from my June tournament. I'm afraid I still can't write coherently about them. I did notice that, with my win against Cencetti, I now have a lifetime even record against Experts.

What has happened? you became busy?
Ou sont les neiges d'antan? - i liked this line :)

Well, I hope you return to blogging soon..

Hi, nezha!

Well, busy, yes, that's part of it. I was also a little stressed--blowing up as I did in that game was unpleasant, so I needed a break.

Also, I started playing Go again (I promise I will not blog about Go here). And, I am pretty disgusted by US chess politics--the USCF memebrship saw fit to elect a complete scoundrel to the organization's Executive Board. I'm probably going to let my membership lapse.

I have played in a couple of tournaments recently, and I will write a little about them soon. Intrestingly, I did fairly well despite doing no preparation and almost no chess work at all for six months.

Thanks for checking in. I see you're blogging again, so I'll move you out of les neiges d'antan and back into the main blogroll.
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Hi is this blog is still active ?
i hope so !! ,your email link is incorrect Der alter Goniff
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