Sunday, May 18, 2008


Here are the games from the Marshall Thursday-night tournament, in all their dubious glory. No comments yet; soon, really. The result of the fourth-round game is not a misprint; he really offered a draw. I'm usually on the wrong side of that transaction.

Here are a couple of positions from the last-round game against Naranja:

Here White missed a good chance to keep his whole advantage with 28.Rc5. If 28...Rxd7 29.Rxf5+, while 28...Ke7 is met by 29.Bc6. Instead, White played 28. Rbd5 and wound up in a Rook+4 Pawns vs Rook+3 Pawns endgame.

In the fullness of time, that simplified down to the next diagram: I'll have a lot to say about the resulting R+2P vs R+P endgame.

Nicely done. On Thursdays I'm upstairs playing way too fast for my own good. However it's a long trek for 1 game a week so I play the "4 Rated Games Tonight!". Though for me most of the time it ends out being 3 rated games and a bye.
Thanks, Polly.

I played a bunch of G/30 when I was first coming back to chess--it seemed a shame to have a tounament like the NY Masters in my backyard and not play in it. But I played horribly and didn't enjoy it at all, so I've stopped. Even G/60 makes my head hurt.

I did sort of enjoy the Marshall's non-rated G/30 last year, although I didn't play any better. I'd try that again, though it doesn't seem likely I'll have the opportunity.
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