Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Pragmatic Sacrifice

A game I won a few weeks back made me happy. Not just because I won, but because finally--after two years of having the Queen's Gambit Declined as part of my repertoire--someone let me pay the Tartakower Defense. Exchange variations, lines where White answers ...h6 with Bxf6, 5.Bf4 lines, Catalans--these I got all the time, but no Tartakower. I didn't know it was so fearsome.

In the course of the game, I played an unclear piece sacrifice. I don't do that often, but here:

A practical choice

it was a pragmatic choice: it's possible retreating the Bishop was objectively better, but I was in time trouble, and the position seemed simpler to play after the sac.

Here's the whole game, with notes:

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