Monday, November 03, 2008

Winning Out-Of-Repertoire

Just got back from a few days in Montreal. I have a bunch of games to post--I made an even score in the Marshall Chess Club Championship, with a nice win against a Master; two of my three losses were against IMs.

First, a game from a couple of weeks back, my last-round win in the Marshall Thursday Night tournament. It's a positive example of going out of my usual repertoire.

I've posted several negative examples of deliberately going out of repertoire in the past and had another one in the Championship, but this time it worked. The differences this time: I had White, and White can get away with more, and I chose something rather solid.

Good game. But where black made mistake? I think main mistake was move 18...Nf4. Instead black should trying the plan Kh7 and f5.
Thanks for the comments. I thought 18...Nf4 was OK--White can answer 18...Kh7 with 19.Rd5 and thematically doubling on the d-file; as long as White doesn't play exf5, I think ...f5 just weakens the light squares.

I thought 27...Qe6 was bad, and that Black is fine after 27...Qc7. Also, Black should probably be able to hold the ending even after 27...Qe6.
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