Monday, December 22, 2008

Forcing Chess Move

I've been reading Charles Hertan's Forcing Chess Moves. It looks pretty good so far (I just finished the first chapter; I'll write a review when I've finished the book). It may be pitched just a bit low for me, but it has some very nice positions in it. Here's one:

White to play

Solution in the comments.

Qg6 looks killing
And after 1. Qg6+ Rg7, then?
A common theme in problems, with both rooks pinned and two mates threatening (Rdxf8# or Qxg7#) while black can prevent only one of them and the rook on f7 is tabu due to the pins.
Yup. Not a hard problem, but a very pretty picture.

It's from Agapov-Nepomnishay, USSR 1983.
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