Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Stocking Stuffer

Lev Alburt's Chess Pocket Training Book II, like his first pocket training book, is a nice little collection of positions--many tactics, but also endgames and positional problems--in a handy little book suitable for sticking in the pocket of your jacket or overcoat.

Here's a nice little problem from it--not hard, but pretty:

White to play

Solution will appear in the comments after Christmas (or when Tempo sees it).

Just like the previous problem, I simply recognize the pattern. It is further a matter of reconstruction to find the exact moves for this specific case. So the circles obviously worked!
Solution: 1. Ba7! Ba1 (The h-pawn goes on to glory after 1...Bxa7 2.h7) 2.Kb1 Bc3 3.Kc2 Ba1 4.Bd4! Bxd4 (after 4....Exd4 5.Kd3, the blockaded d-pawn shuts the Bishop out of the game, so the h-pawn can't he stopped.) 5.Kd3 Ba1 (or 5...Kg5 6.h7 and now ...e4+ doesn't help) 6.Ke4 and again the blockaded Pawn shuts the Bishop out, so the h-pawn Queens.
With the typical smell of a composed endgame problem. Beautiful.
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