Monday, January 26, 2009

A Simpler Explanation

On further review, the shortcoming that prevents my further improvement is that I'm a moron:

I didn't want to post about this one, but my friend Tim saw the result on the Marshall website. He emailed me demanding the game, and I was reluctant to disappoint half my readership, so here it is.

Do I have a theory about why I play moves like 6...Bf5? (Aside from the above obvious explanation.) Of course I do--my brain produces theories like rotting meat produces maggots; nor do the similarities end there.

But there's no reason anyone should be even slightly interested in my latest theory, since I clearly know nothing whatever about Chess. So to hell with it.

No comment. . .
Dude, why so serious? I love it when my opponent protects pawns with major pieces instead of the other way around. You just had a wild idea - like an itch that had to be scratched. Kasparov has admitted to it as well and it happens to everyone. The hard part is doing less often than the opponents ... ARGH!
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Hi Der!
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